The Need for Infant Swimming Resources

The Need for Infant Swimming Resources

Drowning https://www.isrswimaz.com/ is a leading cause of accidental death among children under five years old. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the number two cause of unintentional injury-related death among children aged one to four years old. These statistics highlight the importance of teaching infants and toddlers how to swim and self-rescue in the water.

ISR is a comprehensive program that provides children with the necessary skills to save themselves if they find themselves in a dangerous water situation. The program focuses on customized, safe, and effective one-on-one lessons that teach children how to rollback to float, rest, and breathe. As toddlers and young children gain more physical skills on land, they learn to swim a short distance, rotate onto their back to a floating position, and then turn over to continue the sequence of swimming and floating until they can reach safety at the steps, side of the pool, or shoreline.

The Impact of ISR

ISR has a proven track record of success, with over 800,000 children having gone through the program since its inception in 1966. The program has saved countless lives and has given parents and children the confidence and skills necessary to enjoy the water safely.

One parent shared their experience with ISR, stating, “Our son is calm and happy in the water and has shown so much improvement and growth. Our daughter loves going to lessons and has become such a strong swimmer! It’s amazing that they both went from not putting their heads under water to swimming unassisted underwater!”

Another parent said, “The skills my child has learned are priceless, the confidence they carry is such a gift. When my 4th child is ready, he will be in lessons too, giving him the same opportunities we have given our other 3 sons.”

Becoming an ISR Instructor

ISR instructors are in high demand, as many areas do not offer this program. Becoming an ISR instructor is a rewarding career choice that allows individuals to make a difference in their community while being their own boss.

ISR instructors go through comprehensive training that equips them with the skills to safely and effectively teach ISR. The training is challenging and covers the theory behind the technique as well as how to adjust the technique for each child, each lesson, and each day based on what the child is showing.

If you are interested in becoming an ISR instructor, you can learn more about the program and the training process by visiting the ISR website.


Infant swimming resources are essential for teaching children the necessary skills to enjoy the water safely. ISR is a proven program that has saved countless lives and given parents and children the confidence and skills necessary to enjoy the water. If you are interested in making a difference in your community, consider becoming an ISR instructor and help empower children and parents with the gift of swimming.

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